I have yet to step foot into my husband’s ER. It’s one of the great mysteries of my mind. Television helps but I can’t truly picture where he is. Over the years, I’ve received a few photos but it’s not the same as actually knowing where he is during a given shift.

With that said, I too have a limited idea of what he’s like as a doctor. I know some of his characteristics such as being kind, genuine, and meticulous obviously are evident in his practice. Yet, I’ve never seen him in action.

This is why the most heartwarming moment of his medical journey was when a former colleague of mine, reached out to share how amazing he was as her family’s doctor in a time of need. When I re-read her message it still brings great joy.

How blessed we are to have husbands that touch so many lives. It’s amazing to get a glimpse of just one. With this in mind, today be sure to wish your husband a very special National Doctors’ Day.

Snippet of the text from my former colleague.





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