Behind the Lens

Currently, one of my goals is meaningful self-improvement. Everyday I choose to thrive. By this I mean each day I strive to tackle something. Whether it’s a new fitness challenge or volunteering more consistently at my children’s school, I want to dominate.

Photography is something I’ve always enjoyed. From the days of the winding Kodak to now capturing landscapes on my iPhone. Photography is intriguing. I love creating galleries in my home reminiscing on past moments. So I tapped into this interest by purchasing a Nikon DSLR. Not only did I purchase a great introductory camera but I registered for lessons too.

This brings me to Digital Photography I. I’m a student again…for a short five weeks. The class will focus on aperture, shutter, lighting, etc., all the essentials so I can rock the heck out of my art. It’s low pressure and all about feeling comfortable and confident behind the lens. I’m excited for this new experience. Not that I want to become a wedding photographer; or for that matter, a photographer for hire. Yet, I simply want to tap into an interest and see where it takes me. I’m open to the endless possibilities.

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