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At age 17, I entered into the beautiful world of motherhood. However, absent from my new beginning was a warm welcome. There was no baby shower, support system, or a sense of direction for my life.

why w.o.m.b?

I was essentially alone. 

this is our space to celebrate the AMAZING gift of motherhood. 

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There is a persistent reality that perceives teen mothers as deserving of their struggles. However, I believe that a less than ideal entry into motherhood can still result in an outstanding outcome. Whether you are a current teen mother or an alumnae teen mother like me, 

I am here to be your virtual advocate. I want to encourage you to believe that better is possible for you in spite of your current situation. You can overcome the obstacles. You can thrive and still be everything you hoped and dreamed.

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Dear New Teen Mom, 

Many blessings, 

I see you. We share many characteristics. You are savvy, scrappy, and incredibly talented. I hear you, and I recognize first hand the sometimes overwhelming challenges you once faced. I want to celebrate your outstanding outcome. Despite a less than ideal entry into motherhood, you became a lawyer, nurse, doctor, teacher, entrepreneur, etc. This is a place where I celebrate you and place a bright spotlight on your outstanding outcome. 

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Dear Alumnae Teen Mom, 

much love,

encouraging + supporting
outstanding outcomes

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