Daytime Dates

During medical school and residency, the traditional date night was out the window. Long hours, a consistently rotating schedule, and a heavy work load were woven into the beginning of our medical journey. In order not to abandon our dating life, we simply redefined it.

We quickly embraced weekday daytime dates. For example, when my husband worked an overnight shift, he’d typically wake up mid-afternoon. Occasionally turning his first meal (ladened with caffeine and carbs) into a date was invaluable. Immediately evident was the awesomeness of an empty restaurant. It felt like V.I.P. status without the cost.

These days, things are more predictable with an attending schedule. However, we now prefer getting fancy on a random weekday to enjoy a daytime date. There’s so much beauty wrapped in them from skipping the crowds, enjoying amazing service, and most importantly maximizing our time together.





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