Dinner In A Box

Ramen, homemade burgers, oven fries, frozen vegetables, fish, and slow cooker brown rice…our medical school journey staples. During residency, we still kept things simple but were able to incorporate occasional take out. Make no mistake. You don’t have to eat poorly during medical school and residency. We didn’t. We had a rotation we liked and enjoyed every creative dinner concoction.

Now that the yellow brick road has led us to AttendingLand, there’s obviously lots of dinner flexibility. There is still a struggle; however, now it’s simply, “what do we want to eat?” Once we purchased a home, I vowed to cook more. With that declaration, I bit off a little more than I could chew. I landed in the food rut cycle. My meals were delicious but boring and predictable (a bad thing in any area of life). So I tried something new.

Blue Apron has great marketing. Happy people cooking from scratch, in bright beautiful kitchens. After a bit of research, and feeling comfortable with their cancellation terms, I signed up. I purchased a Groupon deal for 40% off the first meal. The following week it arrived. Our plan is $69, and includes two meals for four people. It works well for our family size. The step by step directions are a breeze. It’s fun to break up the prep into jobs for my husband and the kids. My heart still skips a beat when my husband wants to cut something with expensive doctor hands, but I figure God’s not going to let him wreck his career dicing an onion. Now twelve meals later, I’m a more confident chef. One change I’d like to see is the offering of organics. I’ve remade two of the meals again but used organic products. All in all dinner in a box has been a joy.

Beautiful product display from Blue Apron




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