Recently, we traded downtown loft living for the suburbs. This shift put us significantly further from our children’s preschool. I knew an enormous commute (while toilet training the youngest) was unsustainable. Therefore, we withdrew the kids and I put my teacher hat back on.

Homeschool was a scary word. I just didn’t want to “mess it up.” So after rejecting negative self-talk, prayer, and planning, I knew I was equipped for success. In our situation, due to the early withdrawal, I’ll only be homeschooling for a short time. As an educator, I know the value of a lesson plan. For this reason, preschool at home runs in the same orderly manner.

Our homeschool schedule is the same as they enjoyed at preschool, Monday-Wednesday 9-12pm. This time is packed with learning. We enjoy music, dancing, writing, coloring, scripture, experiments, and so on. It’s focused learning time because we have a plan. The lesson plan I use is free, user friendly, and can even be completed online. The kids enjoy having input each week about our topic of focus. One of our school day highlights is when my husband is home. He is great about jumping into the lesson, whether it’s story time, our sensory activity, or moral support.

Shout out to all the doctor’s wives who take on the responsibility of educating their children. You’re an all-star.

“Train up a child in the way he should go…”-Proverbs 22:6

Many blessings,





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