I love a New Year’s Eve celebration. We rang in 2017, with a gathering of family and friends. As we dined, laughed, and reflected; I soaked in how blessed my life truly is. I am grateful to see another year. Likewise, I am so excited to spend more time with my husband. My goals for this year are to learn another skill, get involved in my community, be present in the moment, and take a quarterly adventure.

This year marks our fifth year away from where our medicine life began. My husband will cross into his second year of attending status. We have come along way. Everyday I work on embracing permanence. The medical journey is coupled with several address changes. This year I’m thankful we get to stay put. There is no reason to up root our lives, pack up boxes, sell things, and change schools for our kids. That’s the life we’d grown accustom to. This year we get to thrive and grow exactly where we are. That in itself holds so much power.

I look forward to a year of making a difference. I hope to continue to share reflective, inspiring, and genuinely random stories. Thank you for reading and visiting. Raise a glass (or a mug) to 2017. Cheers!

Many blessings,





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