Good Mornings

I am a morning person. There’s an inspiring feeling about getting a fresh 24. I notice a difference in my mood and pep when I beat the sun out of bed. Throughout adulthood, I haven’t been much of a coffee drinker. An occasional cup was exciting, but the aroma didn’t live up to the taste and I craved something more beneficial to my body.

Enter hot lemon water. It’s my morning liquid gold that is simple, warm, and fires up the body. Plus, I get to grab a mug from my collection of positivity. It’s a morning ritual my husband M.D. takes pride in supporting. On days we tackle the children’s morning school hustle together, he’s quick to ask, “May I make your lemon water?” The answer, of course, is yes. It’s a gesture I treasure.

Lemons are a little yellow inexpensive wonder. They are known to aid in a flatter midsection, helping to clear the skin, and much more. One of the biggest benefits is the assistance in digestion. Just know hot lemon water in the morning will get the body going…literally. To best enjoy it, extra minutes at home on your side are essential. I don’t recommend it on the go unless a fan of public toilets.

Monique smiling and relaxing at kitchen table.

Easy breezy recipe:

-one large fresh lemon (use half for a less tart taste. Also, I prefer fresh over bottled concentrate)

-boiling water (8-16 ounces)

-a happy mug (why not have some encouragement on a cup)

That’s my spiel on hot lemon water. Enjoy!

Many blessings,






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