Healthy & Happy: 3 Ways to Fight School Year Sickness

While germs are necessary, viruses and sickness are not. Last school year the flu was the worst, but my entire family stayed well. How? Well, prayer is number one. Don’t roll your eyes. I seriously attribute prayer as the number one reason my family stays well. Since “the tongue has the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21) declaring health is genuinely a feasible way to be well. 

I can still feel the eye rolls so here is the first tangible tip. 

1. Wet Wipes everywhere. These handy wipes work wonders on the go particularly at pick up. After school, I retrieve my children via car line. Upon entry into the car, I greet my children and pass them a hand wipe. Before they buckle up, grab a book, etc. they clean their hands. A repurposed shopping bag is great for collecting used hand wipes. 

Wet Wipes buys time until we get home for tip number two.

2. Hand washing. It’s common knowledge, but it requires vigilance. In our garage is a utility sink where my children wash their hand before entry into the house. If you don’t have a utility sink in your garage that’s okay. Utility sink not required. Having everyone wash their hands upon entry into your home is crucial. Hand washing applies to visitors to my house as well. I love my guests, but not what they may have potentially touched before arrival. Some people are quick to insert the germaphobe label here. However, that’s not me at all. God gave us all a brain, so I use mine to be aware of risks and operate in prevention. These days you can get creative with soap to make hand washing an experience. I enjoy simplehuman products. They even make soap dispensing better. We have simplehuman automatic soap dispensers in abundance at my house. They’re fun to use and easy to keep clean.

3. Wanding! I have enjoyed my UV-C wand since 2013. I wrote an entire post about it Unfortunately, you cannot use these to disinfect your kids. These are not for human skin. I repeat…DO NOT under any circumstances use these on your kids. Now that we’re definitely on the same page, these wands are fun, useful, and make me feel like a cool Jedi. I wand cell phones, computer keyboards, remotes, and games. 

Bonus Tip: I care about my readers and their kiddos. So here is a bonus tip! School clothes are not house clothes. Therefore, a wardrobe change into house clothes after school is in our routine. School clothes go directly in the wash upon arrival home. Also, this helps my children avoid accumulating mass amounts of laundry. Plus, they get in on the laundry action (i.e., adding detergent, starting the load, moving items to the dryer). It’s a teaching moment, a contribution in housework, and lessons on health all wrapped up in one.

Have a healthy and happy school year!

Many blessings,




  1. Tiffani

    October 10th, 2018 at 10:12 am

    Cute pics! Good tips! ❤️ Thanks for sharing!



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