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Recently, I jumped down the social media rabbit hole. I opened Twitter and searched #doctorswife. The results were redundant and unanimous. The stereotype couldn’t be more clear as some joked about marrying a doctor so they could quit their jobs. Others thought doctor’s wives were clueless. Finally, there was the repeated joke of: “What does a doctor do when his wife eats an apple a day?” As a side note, I don’t eat apples.

Overwhelmingly, the tweets were rude or corny. How can people think they know the life of a doctor’s wife without taking one step on this journey? Well after a brief moment of irritation, I felt even more empowered. Currently, I’m wrapping up a book called Brand Me by Melissa Dawn Simkins. Years ago during a conference at church, I had the opportunity to hear her speak. A powerful statement in her book is, “You can cultivate a profitable life that has longevity and creates employment opportunities for others, engages the community, and establishes generational wealth” (p.82). My interpretation of this is; building a brand makes you a boss.

I don’t know how the notion of mindless trophy wife worthy of a repetitive joke about apples became synonymous with doctor’s wives. However, I know this role is more than that. I often reflect on how blessed I am to be a stay at home mom. Not only do I have the opportunity to be instrumental in my children’s upbringing, but I also have so much time to think. This extra time leads to more prayer and creativity. Most importantly, I have time to cultivate my passion for service. Similar to a my husband’s calling to care for others. I know my purpose as his wife is to do the same in my community and beyond. Therefore, I am steadfast to be defined by this and not by others.

“Honor her for all that her hands have done…” – Proverbs 31:31

 Why? Why?

 Interesting life plan. Interesting life plan.

Many blessings,





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