No Scrubs…Seriously

Flashback to 2012, the first time my husband attempted to leave the house in scrub pants on a non-shift day. Focus on the word attempted. Upon his attempt, I immediately recalled an Oprah episode in which two daughters brought their doctor dad on the show for a makeover. The daughters came to the show equipped with a slideshow of photos showing him in scrubs 24/7. I vowed this would not be the fate of our children. So from that show on, I emblazoned in my mind the No Scrubs Rule.

Scrub pants are like glorified pajamas. During my husband’s fourth year of medical school, he “gifted” me with a pair. I wore them with pride while watching Grey’s Anatomy. Hence, I recognize the desire to incorporate them into everyday life. However, fashion is as uncomplicated as one makes it. It takes as much effort to look unkempt as it does to look like a winner. It’s one pant leg at a time, right? In any case, back to the word attempted. That year was my husband’s one and only attempt at scrubs outside of the ER. He has since adopted a great everyday look. On non-shift days, I’m happy to see my husband in t-shirts and jeans, athleisure, or casual wear. The No Scrubs Rule keeps him stylish.





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