One Pot, One Delicious Meal

Cooking can be an overwhelming life necessity. I’m not sure why though since obviously eating is a basic need. Recipes provide a step by step process in cooking food. Yet, even with cookbooks of glossy finished snap shots of tasty eats, cooking beautiful food from start to finish seemed unattainable.

I like to cook for my family. However, it’s common to slip into a food rut opting for convenience and routine versus trying something new. This year I’ve taken my reign over food and enjoy creating in the kitchen more than ever. Soup is a household staple for cooler months. The richness and warmth of soup invites one to slow down and linger a bit longer around the table.

This past weekend I grabbed a vegan cookbook off the shelf and made Wild Rice Soup. Like all the best chefs on television, preparation made the cook time flow. My favorite part of any recipe is combining the necessary spices into a glass dish. The aromas are comforting and I get an “I got this” feeling as accurately measured ingredients colorfully combine. Additionally, husband M.D. or the children taking on the role of sous chef is an added bonus. When all hands are on deck I believe so much love goes into the food.

The verdict on the soup is a white coat wifey seal of approval. It was delicious. The great northern beans, lentils, and rice kept me satisfied into the evening. Two out of three children liked it and husband M.D. enjoyed a bowl as he headed out the door for a shift. This confidence building recipe has me ready to try another vegan adventure in food. Recently secured a food win in the kitchen? Let’s talk food below. Bon appétit!


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