I don’t clean my own house. Wait, let me rephrase that. “I employ a fabulous team of three lovely ladies to help me keep my home clean.” I have only pride for this fact. Outsourcing occurs everyday in various aspects. People outsource the preparation of their morning cup of joe, carwash attendants help keep vehicles sparkling, and heaven knows hair scissors are best held by a professional.

Bi-weekly my team whirls the vacuum, scours the floors, cleans the toilets, and make the windows fingerprint free. I usually read a book or catch up on emails. All the while, counting my blessings that I have 4,400 sq feet that need to be cleaned. Our first house was a modest 1,050 sq feet. It was three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a single car garage. I keep a picture of it in our foyer to remind me of where we’ve been. It was quite perfect though. We built so many happy memories there. It was the house we lived in during medical school. We sold it prior to our residency relocation. Coincidentally, to a couple beginning medical school that fall.

Since my team is bi-weekly, there is still work for me to do around the house. On the off weeks I’m still steaming floors, sanitizing light switches, and the like. Additionally, my paternal grandmother instilled in me that one NEVER goes to bed with a dirty kitchen. It’s the heart of the house. Mine stays immaculate. I take great pride in my home.

In short, with managing a household, having a husband M.D., and school age children; I appreciate support. A year after my cleaning services began, I am thoroughly pleased. It’s a humbling and enjoyable luxury.

Many blessings,





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