Self-Care: Keeping YOU Priority #1

When I think of self-care my go-to list typically includes some form of spa time or retail therapy. However, I’m learning that self-care does not always need to include making an appointment for a service or cost a lot of money. Stillness is a beautiful form of self-care expression. After taking The Enneagram and receiving confirmation that my big heart can sometimes get in my way, I’m learning the beauty of using the word yes more sparingly with others and more generously with myself. But is that selfish? Absolutely positively not. Self-care is the opposite of selfish. While the act of being selfish disregards others in favor of self. Self-care places the priority of self as #1, in order to continue investing in ones spouse, children, and community. It coincides with the advice one receives prior to take off in an airplane. “In the event of an emergency and oxygen is needed put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others.” Non-negotiable self-care allows us to pause, breath, and refuel in order to continue a life of good work.

Reading and meditation is something that allows me to focus on the essential mind and soul aspect of life. Being still to read and meditate encourages me to focus inward to learn, grow, and refuel. Recently, I visited a local coffee shop, snagged a seat in the back and practiced tuning out the outside world. Since absolute silence isn’t always available for meditation, the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop challenged me to focus harder on my breath and stillness. I gave myself grace when I inevitably began thinking about my to-do list. Furthermore, the tea and pastry was a nice bonus while preparing for my weekly Bible Study.

Self-care is a big buzzword. Yet, so many women are embracing it as a necessary scheduling element versus a trend. As you know, I embody the role of Domestic CEO 365. However, in all the running around I can find myself handling so many tasks for others and leaving my myself burnt out by week’s end. 

In this season Thursday is my dedicated mind, body, soul self-care day. This day includes Bible Study, yoga, and hammock time. The best part is the encouragement and support of husband M.D. 

How do you self-care? Do you enjoy a dedicated day? How has it transformed you? Share your wisdom below. 

Many blessings,




  1. Tiffani

    October 5th, 2018 at 10:52 pm

    Self care is definitely not selfish! I practice by working out first thing in the morning. I’ve promised myself 20-30 minutes of running, yoga, HIIT or some other workout every weekday morning. Bc if you don’t have 30 minutes for yourself in a day, how can you expect to meet the needs of a family unit relying on you with grace? I can meet there needs, it I find I do it with more grace



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