Side Dishes

I don’t know of many great meals without equally tasty side dishes. On a cooking competition, I’m unaware of many judges that would award a ten if only the main entrée was good but the accompanying side dishes were disastrous.

Similarly, the medical journey becomes the main dish of many medical marriages. With Match Day recently behind many starting out, I’m hopeful that the happiness and success in all factors were equally as important as the main component. Personally speaking, our main dish experience was and is terrific. My husband’s program was phenomenal. His three years of residency were smooth. As icing, in the final year of residency, he was voted one of the Chief Residents. The professional side was a success.

Conversely, many of the side dishes were not as successful. One of note…church. We do not attend church on Sundays. I do however go grocery shopping. Four years later, we did not find a church as welcoming and inclusive as the one back home. I don’t make light of it but I do take advantage of an empty grocery store in the South on a Sunday.

We expected changes that result from a drastic relocation to just “work out.” It’s a complete life restart added with the challenges of a promising career. How hard could it be? How hard could it be to find a church, salons, etc.? Oh the naÏveté of post-match bliss. Yet, we didn’t plan for any of it. You leave for residency focused on residency and everything else will just fall into place. Plan. Things like losing ones favorite grocery store chain will be okay. Losing ones house of worship and not finding a new one will not. Any day of the week, I’d choose church and fellowship over grocery shopping.

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”-Joshua 24:21





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