Spring Break

Spring break! This year’s spring break marks the kick off of my family’s travel season. We feel incredibly blessed to have enjoyed four days of uninterrupted family time. St. Petersburg, FL served as the backdrop for relaxing, water sports, and good food.

First, let’s talk accommodations. We are loyal to a handful of hotel brands. Kimpton is one such brand. We stayed at The Kimpton Hotel Zamora. On the website, they boast of being the newest hotel in St. Pete. Our room was clean and spacious. The staff and housekeeping were what one expects from Kimpton…outstanding.

Con: The downside of our stay was the very definition of spring break. For some, it means family time and relaxing. Obviously, for others, it means party time. Our stay was a little challenging when paired next to the ladder. The walls seemed extremely thin. We could have easily changed rooms but it wasn’t so bad to require moving my family of five and all our luggage at 11 PM.

The hotel has beach access directly across the street. This perk allows one to rent beach items (i.e. umbrella, chairs, bed) and avoid the congestion of the public beach. Also, the rentals aided in a successful full day with children as young as three. We claimed our spot around 9 AM. The bed was nice for lunchtime and refuge for necessary sun breaks. Back at the hotel, we enjoyed the 360 Rooftop, complimentary kayaking, and the pool.

In the spirit of a short post, on a five-point scale, I’d give this trip five stars. St. Petersburg is a short and easy flight from North Carolina. As a tourist destination, the hospitality is world class and the beach is breathtaking. God willing we will make it a place we visit often. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about our St. Pete visit. Thanks for reading!

My family heading to the beach via access
My family heading to the beach via access

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