To Label or Not to Label

Everything has a label. Clothing, cookware, and cars, all have a creator’s mark. These labels are also attributed to various levels of value and status. A handbag with a designer label equates to a designer woman…yes? When my husband was finishing residency, I had a mental note of the high end designer bag I would buy. I gave myself a “modest” budget of $1,500. When I had the green light to make my purchase I was thrilled. With seven years of the medical journey under my belt, I was going to splurge. Days, weeks, and months went by, yet I didn’t make my long awaited purchase.

I delayed because I was unsettled. I couldn’t answer why. Why did I want this expensive bag? Similarly, I had no answer as to how it would enhance my life. I began thinking about all the people I could help with that amount of money. Simply, it wasn’t me. I didn’t make the purchase because needing a mainstream designer bag wasn’t authentically who I am. It was an ‘aha moment.’ I was genuinely proud as declining the purchase was a signal of personal change and growth. The surrender of self allowed my eyes to be opened to the service I can provide for others.

Quality comes at a price. However, I think about luxury purchases in a different light. I must thoroughly answer “why am I buying this?” with “because I can” not being the answer. Most agree, because one can doesn’t necessarily mean one should. I have since found a classic handbag at a truly modest price. It’s sustainable, beautiful, and truly compliments my style.

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Louis Vuitton store: Copyright: <a href=’’>lakhesis / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

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