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Medication is my last resort.* My preferred solution to common ailments are natural solutions. A favorite tool to combat headaches, sinus congestion, or allergy symptoms is my trusty neti pot. On the surface nasal irrigation seems flat out strange. Placing a ceramic spout inside one nasal cavity and letting warm purified water mixed with mineral salt drain out the other is sure to give one pause. Plus, the mucus and gunk that comes out is sometime frightening.

However, the practice of nasal irrigation is safe and effective. Though it’s likely placebo, I feel like my mind is clearer after a rinse. Breathing in environmental pollution on a consistent basis needs an exit at some point and for me a quick nasal rinse does just that.

Like many women on the go, I have no time to feel less than 100% each day. Therefore, if I have to delay a nasal rinse due to a hectic morning, I’ve found that breathing in peppermint oil and rubbing it on my temples works to alleviate a headache. Thankfully over time my seasonal allergies have become less problematic. My neti pot is a keeper. It’s amazing and disgusting aid that helps keep me well.

“It should be noted that this is not medical advice. One should seek medical advice from a doctor for severe health issues and concerns.”

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