Too Long

It’s been a long time, 

I shouldn’t have left you

Without a dope blog to step to…

I’m back. A corny sense of humor and all. First and foremost I want to give the warmest, loudest, and most sincere THANK YOU to my readers who have kept me in their prayers and have relayed encouraging words of support. The message is received loud and clear: KEEP WRITING AND SHARING. God will do the rest.

I stepped away from the keyboard in April 2017. Shortly after celebrating my one-year milestone of something was off. It turns out that something was me. My health was out of order, my marriage was stretching while being strengthened, and the challenges of raising a teenager we’re taking its toll.

So nine months have come and gone. I could have given birth to a new life in the time away! In that time away from blogging, I experienced and continued to experience a rebirth of myself. It’s easy to praise God when rolling on good times. In my time away, I was reminded to praise Him in the storms and to play in the rain.

Like with any expanse of time things changed, some friendship seasons ended while others were strengthened and reignited. I adopted a vegan diet (going seven months strong)! I permitted myself to embrace my first designer item (a Burberry scarf❤️). My husband and I purchased our second post-residency home, we traveled a bit, and my children are thriving.

I’m excited for the opportunity to continue to share my life beyond being a doctor’s wife with you. Please feel free to reach out via the site and Instagram. I look forward to connecting.

Many blessings,





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