Turks & Caicos

“Down in Turks and Caicos, dope boy that’s my dress code.” This verse in the EDITED version of No New Friends* by DJ Khaled played in the Apple Music section of my brain all flight. On June 1, husband M.D. and I celebrated our anniversary and the entry into the Decades Club! We did this in the earthly paradise of Turks & Caicos.

Rewinding ten years, my husband and I never took a honeymoon. We had other obligations such as a seven-year-young child and impending medical school. At that time, we were financially deficient, and the cash we received from our wedding went towards paying off the balance of the ceremony and reception. Crazy right! Americans certainly get this aspect of marriage backwards. We certainly did.

Now back to our vacation, Turks & Caicos is a short three-hour flight from Charlotte, NC. We arrived in the pristine beauty of Grace Bay Beach by lunchtime. There we enjoyed four days and three nights of the 3 S’s (Sex, Sun, and Sleep). Yes, I said sex, my readership demographic understands *see GIF*.

The Pros: Our clean and quiet accommodation at Grace Bay Resort was breathtaking. The images I capture from our balcony could easily be mistaken as photoshopped. We stayed in a pristine ocean-front room and enjoyed upgrades like a couples massage, candlelight anniversary beach dinner, and horseback riding along the beach. The water was the bluest of blue which made me feel comfortable wading up to my knees in a shark’s home. We lounged in a beach day bed for the beginning of most days. My favorite parts of the trip were the moments of stillness. We snuggled up reminiscing about where we’ve been while plotting and strategizing on where we are going. The Cons: It’s expensive. However, that’s relative since the point of going is for the experience, proximity to home, and reconnection. In short, on a five-point scale this vacation was five-stars. It definitely receives this wifey’s seal of approval.

So cheers to spouse adventures! Feeling nostalgic? Share a favorite destination in the comments.

Many blessings,

*P.S. I love building new friendships. In doing so, using discernment is vital. The idea of rolling through life with people one has known since their younger days is pretty neat. I can honestly say I’m blessed to enjoy this. While I can count those friendships on one hand, it’s incredible that they exist for me. Therefore, I celebrate my “day ones” while on the same hand leaving room for a few new ones.





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