“Sorry not sorry.” This has come to be the ultimate phrase of 2016. As cliché as it might be to use it, it definitely applies to where I have mentally arrived.

The journey to medicine is lengthy. Yet, once one reaches attending status everything changes. To be frank, the biggest change is the money. In a matter of a few paychecks a household can go from around the 84% of wage earners to near or at the 99% level. That’s mind blowing to consider. Excluding people in high profile careers, the rest of the country is far below your income bracket. One quickly becomes aware that this isn’t most people’s normal. That’s where things get tricky. For example, it’s a social media norm to showcase one’s happy life. Yet, it seems frowned upon to be excessively happy. I’ve read on some pages that sharing one’s blessings sometimes is perceived as disinginuous or as if one is looking down on others.

As a result of this, I began over thinking my posts. If I post about how amazing I feel after a weekly massage is that too much? If I’m dining at my favorite restaurant on any given weekday, will other see my post as bragging? I believe that I am a kind, generous, and down to earth person. I would think that those who truly know me would agree. I couldn’t imagine how someone might mistake the things I share as coming from a malicious place. Still, I know this is a reality.

Therefore, I have made a declaration not to be sorry. If others are uncomfortable with my life and what I share that’s their problem. I am learning to be comfortable in my position and unapologetic to those who aren’t. If my life doesn’t jive with someone’s ideas projected on me, oh well. Those who find my life inspiring will continue to be attracted to me. All I can do is live the authentic and blessed life I’ve been given. Everything else is irrelevant.

“And even though my money change I tried my best to stay the same”


Many blessings,





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