Urban to Suburban Life

City life has an allure. It buzzes. The sound of bus brakes squeaking, construction, and a blaring train horn. These noises were our soundtrack of residency. We decided downtown living was our best fit. We owned a home during medical school, so buying a house right after selling the last felt daunting. We wanted to live in our new city before committing to a neighborhood.

Urban living allowed us so much flexibility. Coffee shops, designated outdoor green spaces, and murals decorated the cityscape. Everything was fun! We even made a deal that when we wanted to dine out downtown, we had to walk. I put to good use the must have stroller, a few pairs of sneakers, and burned countless calories. On the flip side, urban living can be a drag. Some residents in our buildings were a little on the pretentious side and the common areas weren’t always up to my standard of clean. We lived near a functioning rail line and the downtown scene was busy on weekends. Still, it made a great home.

In contrast, moving to the suburbs has been a breath of fresh air…literally. Trees and nature surround our home. It’s relaxing and peaceful. During the first months in our home, I enjoyed reacquainting myself to the sound of rain hitting the roof and birds chirping. The kids excitedly stared out the window at breakfast to watch squirrels and Cardinals gather their morning meal too. Going outside required no effort. No elevator, stroller, or extra snacks required to just enjoy some time outdoors. The best trade up in suburban living has been being in complete control of my environment.

The choice between urban versus suburban living is individual. I’ve enjoyed the experience of both. Above all, no matter where we’ve decided to call home there’s one no brainer…God’s presence abounds.

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”-Joshua 24:15

 Breathe...and enjoy the surroundings.  Breathe…and enjoy the surroundings.

Many blessings,





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