Vegan Crossover

“Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” Genesis 1:29

As a Stay at Home Mom Extraordinaire (SAHME) & Domestic CEO, I occasionally redeem my PTO for a few overnights of solitude. I select a nearby major city accessible via vehicle or a short flight and soak in a little me time. Last summer on one such adventure my husband M.D. held it down while I set off to enjoy a massage, hot yoga, and sleeping in.

Three hours prior to hot yoga I consumed a small amount of meat. Previously, I’ve eaten this close to hot yoga and have successfully completed a challenging class. However, this time was different. Let’s make one thing clear. God is my everything. Yet, I’m not some hippy type, holier-than-thou, or overly sanctified Christian. God is my center and I acknowledge His power and blessings in my life. I strive to walk out the Fruits of the Spirit and live a life I can answer for in the end. Likewise, I’ve never been one to concretely say God told me anything.

Now back to the meat. During this particular class, an unencountered overwhelming sickness came over me. So much so I had to muster up the strength to leave the studio and simply put…vomit. When I made it back to class I laid in child’s pose and asked Jesus for the strength to get myself together and make it through the class. In that same moment, I heard six audible words, “You need to change your life.” I had considered a vegan lifestyle in fleeting thoughts but my desire for everything beef left it as just a thought.

Now almost eight months later, I’m still powered by plants. Some mornings I even crave spinach for breakfast. It’s incredibly satisfying to consume fresh and color-rich foods. Likewise, it’s fun exploring new recipes and restaurants. Once an acupuncturist told me that red meat made me “hot inside” (i.e. angry). To this day, I still laugh about it. I’d say now though being a hangry vegan brings out my inner fire. Being full and satisfied keeps me at my best. Therefore, I’ve learned a snack like almonds is an essential pocketbook staple.

Many blessings,


I love BEETS! It's weird though, auto-correct changes beets to beer. Never fails.




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