Wands Up

Germaphobe is too drastic to define my avoidance of becoming sick. Since sickness is not an option, prevention is all I know. We live in a no shoes, wash hands upon arrival, sneeze in the pit of your arm kind of household. I like it this way.

There are millions (that’s right millions) of bacteria organisms on the bottoms of shoes. All those trips to gas stations, public restrooms, and Starbucks live on the bottom of our shoes. The last thing I want to do is track crud into my home where my children play on the floor. Not only for their sake but mine too. Similarly, movies like Contagion definitely drive home the point that proper hand washing is key.

A bonus I keep around the house is a Verilux Cleanwave sanitizing wand. I use it on countertops, toys, cellphones, computer keyboards, remotes, etc. My favorite use is on the ever present germ harboring cellphone. On any given shift I can’t imagine…no I don’t want to imagine the kinds of things my husband touches. Doctors constantly use their cellphones at work to look stuff up. That’s why every shift ends with a wand session. Likewise, after I run errands my cellphone gets the wand treatment. I’ve had my wands for about three years. One wand for home and another for travel. My Verilux is a great assistant for keeping a clean and healthy home. I highly recommend it. Wands Up!

“…prosper in all things and be in health…” – 3 John 1:2 (NKJV)

Many blessings,





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