Before this beautiful website you are on right now, my blog existed as a medium to share a glimpse of life as a doctor’s wife. I shared about my faith in God, moments of my family life, my love of fitness, recipes, and travel highlights. These blogs still exist in the archive section. However, something was missing that left me unenthused about my former blog. Likewise, I had lingering questions like: “Who am I helping? How am I leaving people better off than when they initially found my site?”

So I got quiet and waded through some painful moments of life. What I realized is in sharing all the pretty highlights of my life, I was hiding the scars. You see before my “married to medicine” type of life I was a teen mom. My journey into motherhood began years before I ever became a wife. The incredible endeavor in motherhood has shaped me into the woman I am today. As a result, I will never forget the obstacles I faced as a teen mom.

I am using my voice not just to showcase a beautiful life that is a result of God but also be an advocate and champion for a teen girl who finds herself in the same place I was, lost and needing some encouragement but not sure where to turn. Motherhood is a rollercoaster, and it’s a ride that no one should take alone. I’m here to encourage, support, and celebrate teen moms who are working to secure their outstanding outcome.

While I will still share highlights of my life, the bulk of my writing will be to share my story of being a teen mom. I hope it can help a current teen mom. Likewise, I look forward to connecting with former teen moms to put a spotlight on their success.

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