Yes, No, Maybe So

Attendance confirmed, birthday present wrapped, outfit ready to go, and I’m thrilled to hang up my mom cape for a ladies night out. That was my plan one Friday night. However, the forces of the Emergency Department disagreed.

As a doctor’s wife, there are days when my plans don’t match up with the ED trackboard. A series of uncontrollable circumstances occur and my plans for a ladies night or hanging out with a friend have to be abruptly canceled. It’s the worst. Usually I’m left wondering if I come off as flaky or unreliable, based on a situation completely out of my control.

I decided to let myself off the hook when cancellation is out of my control. It’s too much disappointment for one person to carry. Of course it might help if all my friends were doctor’s wives. They would all understand everything. Yet, I enjoy a diverse friend pool. Still, they would understand situations like…his shift miraculously ended early or a last minute schedule switch to help a colleague can result in the need to cancel plans made well in advance.

It boils down to flexibility and perspective. In this journey they are necessary skills. Plans change and I know it has nothing to do with my character. It’s just the medical life. I love my husband so family naturally comes first. I don’t blame him or get upset when things for me fall through. It’s all a blessing. That same night I was set to step out, I ended up talking on the phone with my husband’s grandmother. Unbeknownst to me, she’d been admitted to the hospital the previous day. We enjoyed some laughs and updates. It truly lifted my spirit and probably hers too. This call may have never happened if I were attending my activity.

This is the life we chose together. Even if I look like a flake at times, the beauty is God knows my heart.

Many blessings,





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